How do I connect my Canon Pixma printer to my laptop?

PIXMA Printer Wireless Connection Setup

It is very important to check for two conditions in case you are looking forward to connect your PIXMA printer to your wireless network.

1.Make sure that you have an access point (also knows as or hub) which will help you to have an internet connection. Before you proceed to next step, please ensure that your access point must be working properly.

  1. Whatever device you are using i.e., PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone must be connected to the internet.

Make an initial check to ensure the connectivity of computer being used with the printer is connected to the network, open any webpage by using internet from your computer, if your device does that successfully, means that your computer is connected to the internet, if not then before moving forward, you need to address & fix this issue first.


If you are having any issues or doubts regarding how to set up your access point or an internet connection, Please refer to the instruction manual for the access point which is being used by you or talk to your Internet Service Provider.

Upon meeting above explained criteria, it is required to choose your product to access the wireless setup instructions.


PIXMA MG5640 Wi-Fi Setup Guide

Few access points (known as routers or hubs) comes with an automatic connection button labelled as “WPS” which symbolize for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and allows permitted devices to get connected to your network without requiring to enter a password. This is the simplest way of connecting your PIXMA printer, hence if your access point s a WPS button please choose ‘WPS Connection Method’ below for instructions on connecting using this method.

Just in case your access point does not support WPS, please choose ‘Standard Connection Method’ below.

WPS Connection Method

Before proceeding further, to effectively use the WPS push button method few conditions are important to met.

  • A physical push button must be present at the access point. User guide can be referred to check details related to this. In case of non-availability of WPS push button, follow the instructions being provided in the Standard Connection Method section.
  • It is important for your network to use WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol. This same protocol is being used most by WPS enabled access point.


Select the HOME button A on your printer.

Home Button tcm


1.Use the arrow [Arrows tcm] buttons (A) to select the [WLAN WLAN tcm] icon.

2. Press the left function button (B).

Wi Fi 1 tcm

Step 3

  1.   Choose (Wireless LAN setup) when the screen shown in fig comes in and hit OK. The state when wireless connection is established the blue Wi-Fi lamp will light up.Search for access point supporting the WPS feature will automatically enabled by the printer.

Wi Fi 2 tcm


  1. The moment when you see press and n shown in the picture press and hold the (WPS) button on your access point at least for 5 seconds, then leave the same.

For most accurate guidelines, please refer to its user guide which will explain how to staring WPS on access point.

Wi Fi 3 tcm

  1. Quickly within 2 minutes press the OK button on the printer.

While in search for or connecting the access point, the blue Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will flash.

  1. As per screen shown below, a message notifying (Connected to the access point) will reflect, hit OK button to finish with the setup.

Wi Fi 9 tcm

These above explained process sum up the WPS setup method.

Please proceed with installing the software to take maximum benefit from your printer.

In case you are missing out with the CD required for installation which you received with your printer, Please download the manuals and software to proceed further.

Just in case the WPS wireless connection is still unable to establish properly, Please contact us for more help.

Standard Connection Method


Select the HOME button A on your printer.

Home Button tcm


1.Use the arrow [Arrows tcm] buttons (A) to select the [WLAN WLAN tcm] icon.

2. Press the left function button (B).

Wi Fi 1 tcm

Step 3

  1.   Choose (Wireless LAN setup) when the screen shown in fig comes in and hit OK.
  2. The state when wireless connection is established the blue Wi-Fi lamp will light up.

Wi Fi 2 tcm


  1. When you see mentioned, screen hit STOP/RESET button.

Wi Fi 3 tcm

  1. Upon being displayed this screen choose (Standard Setup) and then hit OK to begin with standard setup process.

Wi Fi 5 tcm

Now the printer will look forward for all present wireless networks in the instant vicinity.

  1. Use the arrow (   Arrows tcm  ) buttons to choose the access point which is the name of your network, and then hit OK.

Wi Fi 6 tcm

XXX represents the name of wireless network you are using.

Just to be double sure of name of your wireless network, your access point must be printed with a label carrying its name, alternatively, you can also check to which network your internet connection is by checking the same on your computer.

Even after this, if you are unable to find the name of your network, press the left button to choose (Search again).

Wi Fi 7 tcm

Depending upon the usage of your security method being used by your access point, below shown screen will be displayed.

Wi Fi 8 tcm

  1. To enter/edit your network password, Hit OK button.
  2. Type in network password (WEP Key or passphrase) of your wireless network.

Character entry is case sensitive.

Wi Fi 9 tcm

On printer’s LCD when you see keyboard being displayed, you need to enter characters. Follow the below method.

a.Password entry is case sensitive so press the center function button (A) to switch between lower case, upper case and numeric characters.

b.Use the ( Arrows 2 tcm) buttons (B) to choose a character from the keyboard, choose OK to choose and proceed onto next character.

c.In case you need to enter more characters, repeat A & B buttons.

Wi Fi 10 tcm

  1. After entering your network password, press the left function button to select (Done).
  2. Just confirm carefully once again that details entered by you in the network password must be correct. You can press Edit tab in case you have entered wrong password mistakenly.

Wi Fi 11 tcm

  1. Press the left function button to finish (End Setup).
  2. When you see left screen, press the OK button.

Wi Fi 12 tcm

Here we end up with standard connection procedure. Now it is time to move ahead with installation of suitable software for your printer to make most out of it.

In case you are missing out with the installation CD that you received along with your product, please get it from manuals and software.

Please get in touch if your WPS wireless setup is unsuccessful to establish after following this user guide.

Restoring Network Settings to Factory Default

In case you wish to reset your network settings again to factory default. For instance, if you are looking forward to change your access point. You can do so by following below mentioned instructions:


Select the (Home) button on your printer.

Home Button tcm


Using ( Up Arrow tcm  ) button (A) to move to the (Setup) icon   Setup tcm and press the right function button (B).

Reset 1 tcm

Step 3

Using the (   ) button (A) to select (Device Settings) and press (OK) button.

Reset 2 tcm

Step 4

Using the Down Arrow tcm  ) button (A) to move to (Reset Settings) and press the (OK) button (A).

Ok Button tcm

Step 5

Press the (    ) button to move to (LAN settings only).

Hit (OK) button.

On displaying the (Reset setting?) screen, use the (    ) button to go to (Yes). 

Now Press (OK) button and after this a screen with message [Processing….Please wait momentarily] will appear.

Upon finishing, choose (OK) button.

Congratulations! The wireless settings have been stored back to factory default settings.

If you wish to go to home screen, click (Home) button.

In case of failure of above-mentioned process by following this guide, Please contact us for any further help

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