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How to connect the printer to a wireless router using “cableless setup”

We will go through with 4 major points to achieve our outcome. Each step is explained with complete details to understand it in a convenient manner.

1. Conditions required to establish a wireless connection.

2. Get ready for the “Cableless setup”

3. Download the Software (Windows)

4. Download the Software (Mac OS X)


1. Conditions required to establish a wireless connection.

Prior connecting your printer to the network, always remember to check following items, (A) (B).


(A) Wireless router (supporting IEEE802.11b/g/n)

Wireless router at you place is known as a device which connects all your network devices e.g., computer, printer, mobile etc. to the internet and allow easy communication between mentioned devices at your home network. A wireless router is a must for steps explained here. If you wish to access your printer over a wireless connection, make sure that your wireless router is set up.

(B) Printer and computer must be connected to internet.

Just to make sure that computer you are going to use with the printer is connected to the network, use the internet and open any browser on your computer.

Remember to check:

  • Important information related to your wireless router’s setup method and functionality, check its instructions manual or contact its manufacturer.
  • All related setup method instruction for your computer, either refer to the instruction manual for the computer which you are using or contact its manufacturer.

Get ready for the “Cableless setup”

Just before initiating the Wireless Connection setup

Confirm whether printer is ON.

turned on computer

1. Hit (Setup) button (A) on the printer.

setup button

2. Now using  left arrow or right arrow button (B) to choose (Wireless LAN setup). Press (OK) switch.

press ok

3. Choose (Other Setup) and hit (OK).

othher setup

4. Choose (Cableless Setup) and hit OK tab.

Cableless setup

5. Congratulations! Your printer is ready to be used for wireless LAN connection in the “Cableless setup” method.

The connection between the printer and the wireless router is yet to established. To finish up with the same, a software installation is recommended.

Download the software.

Download the Software (Windows)

Must Do

  • Close all applications open on your computer before proceeding with installation.
  • Login to your computer using an administrator account.

 If you can see a CD-ROM drive on your system, use the same for CD-ROM for installation.


Select (Run Msetup4.exe) on the AutoPlay screen, hit Yes or Continue on the User Control account dialog box.

In case, CD-ROM does not autorun: click twice on “My Computer” > Click CDROM icon> (MSETUP4.EXE).

Proceed with step 5 and follow the instructions.

1. Go to

2. Choose your region, name of printer and OS of your device.

3. In the Product Setup section, press Download. The Setup file will be installed on your computer.

Product Setup section

4. Click twice to download the .exe file on your computer.

The setup process will begin automatically. You just need to follow the instruction received on the screen to finish with installation.

5. Select NEXT.

click next

6. Select (Wireless Lan Connection).

Wireless LAN Connection

7. Select (Connect via wireless router) recommended.

Connect via wireless router

8. Choose (Next).


9. Select (Cableless Setup)

Cableless setups

If you see .NET Framework screen, click (Yes).

NET Framework screen

10. Choose Next.

next click


Easy-WebPrint EX

It is a software which is downloaded on the system while installing the supplied software. To use this software efficiently, Internet Explore 7 or is required. For installation internet connection is must.

To proceed with the software installation , simply follow on-screen guidelines.

11. Upon displaying Setup Completion dialog box, press (Complete).

Setup Completion dialog box

12. Press (Next).

press next

In you come across with the Extended Survey Program screen, if you wish to this screen, click (Agree). Mentioned software will not be installed in case you do click (Do not agree). Their will be no impact on your system’s working after downloading this software.

Once Test Print window is shown. By getting a test page printed, you will come to know about working of your printer.

Keep few paper in paper try and click (Execute). Once you are done with printing test page, click Next. If you wish to skip the test printing, click (Next), instead of (Execute).

13. Click Exit to end up with the installation procedure.


Congratulation! You have successfully finished with Wireless LAN setup using “cableless setup”.

Download the Software (Mac OS X)

Always remember, you need to close all the application before starting with installation process.

1. Go to

Product Setup section

2. Choose your region, name of printer and OS of your device.

3. In the Product Setup section, press Download. The Setup file will be installed on your computer.

4. Click twice to download the .dmg file on your computer.

5. Double click the Setup icon.

setup icon


6. Select NEXT.

select next

7. In the following screen, enter administrator username and password. Click (Install Helper).


8. Click (Next).

click next again

9. Choose (Wireless LAN Connection).

Wireless LAN

10. Choose (Connect via wireless router (recommended).

Connect via wireless router

11. Press (Next).


12. Choose (Cableless setup).

Cableless setups

13.  Choose (Next).

next click

To smoothly proceed with software installation, keep on following on screen instructions.

  1. Choose (Add Printer).

add printer

For instance:

  • The alphanumeric characters after “Canon XXX series” in the name of machines’ Bonjour service name or MAC address.
  • In case device is not detected, just check these things carefully.
  • The machine is switched on.
  • The firewall function of any security should be turned off.
  • The computer must be connected to the wireless router.
  1. Choose ( Canon xxx series Canon IJ Network ) and press (Add).

Canon xxx series


In case  you are downloading the Canon printer driver on Mac OSX and using the printer with the help of a network connection, choose, (Bonjour) or (Canon IJ Network) in the (Add Printer) dialog.

In case, (Bonjour) is already chosen, you might find difference in remaining ink level messages from those indicated by (Canon IJ Network).

Canon always recommends to use (Canon ij Network ) for printing.

16. Choose (Next).

next click again

17. Press (Next).

next with computer

Important Information regards to installation process:

  • If you see Extended Survey Program screen

Program screen

If you can give an agreement to Extended Survey Program, click (Agree). In case you opt for (Do not Agree), the Extended Program will not be installed on your device. In any case, this is not going to impact overall functioning of your device.

  • When you see the Test Print window


You will have an idea about printer’s operation, once you print a Test page. Put paper in a tray and click (Execute). Once test printing is done, choose Next. If you wish to skip printing a test page, you can simply click (Next) despite of (Execute).

  1. Choose (Exit) to end up with the installation. Now you can safely remove the Setup CD-ROM and keep safe for next time.


Wireless LAN setup using “cableless setup” is finished.

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