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How do I connect my Canon printer to my computer?

In case Computer and Printer Are Connected By a USB Cable.

Download the driver of your printer on your system. It is a software which is needed for printing from an application. This part explains the methods for installing the printer driver on a system connected to the printer joined by a USB cable.

A message will pop up during downloading, in case there is not enough free hard disk space. In this situation, you need to maximize the space of the disk, and then install the printer driver again.

  1. NOTE
    If you wish to update the additional driver which was not previously installed on the printer server, proceed with below mentioned steps.
    1. Uninstall the printer driver used in print server. [Uninstalling the Printer Driver]
    2. Download the fresh printer driver on printer server.  [Installing the Printer Driver]
    3.Check and download the additional driver again. [Configuring the Print Server]
    If you printer has not come with a USB cable. Arrange a suitable cable for the system being used by yourself. Look for USB with this symbol.
    1.Confirm the printer and computer are OFF.
    2. Join the printer with a USB cable.
    2-1. Open the USB port cover.
    2.2  Join the B-type (square) end of the USB cable to the USB connector on the printer.
    2.3  Close the USB port cover

3. Join the A-type ( flat) end of the USB cable to the USB port on the computer.

4. Switch on computer and start up Windows.

printer installprinter install by usb
5. Log on to your computer with administrator rights.
Points to remember
In case a dialogue box reflects through the Plug and Play automatic setup, click ( Cancel), switch off the printer, download the printer driver.
In case you are unsure about permission right, contact your system administrator.

  1. Put in User Software :CD-ROM” provided with the printer into the CD-ROM drive. In case, if it is already there, eject the disk once and then re-insert the same into the drive.

In case you are working with Windows Vista and dialog box comes, press (RUN AUTORUN.EXE).
In case you are working with Windows Vista and dialog box comes, press (Continue).
If CD-ROM setup is not coming, display it using the mentioned steps:
For windows other than Windows Vista, choose Run from start menu, enter “D:/English/MInst.exe” and press OK.
For windows Vista, enter “D:/English/MInst.exe” in (Start Search) under the Start menu, and then hit Enter key.

  1. Press Easy Installation (only for installation of printer driver and User Guide) or Custom Installation (only for installation of printer driver).

Easy Installation

  1. Press install.

In case you selected for Custom Installation, clear the Online Manuals, check box 1, and then press Install as shown in image below.
Custom Installation

  1. Confirm the content once and press YES.

Confirm the content

  1. Press Next.

press next

  1. Choose Install with USB Connection followed by NEXT.

USB Connection
You will receive a message which will ask for system restart. Restart your computer and install the printer driver again.

  1. Press YES.


  1. Turn your printer in when this screen is displayed.

Turn your printer

  • Switch on your printer by pressing power button of your printer.

switch on

  • Automatically the Installation of printer driver will start.
  • In case Easy Installation was opted prior, then User guide will follow after printer driver installation.

Points to remember:
Installation time may vary depending upon operating system of your computer.
If after connecting USB cable printer recognitions fails automatically, check  [When Installing the Printer Driver from the CD-ROM, the Printer Is Not Recognized Automatically Even After the USB Cable Is Connected].

  1. Confirm for installation results, then hit Next.

Confirm for installation

  1. Choose Restart computer now ( Recommended), check box 1, and press Restart as shown above. Windows will restart.

Pinter drive installation is successful.
After completion of installation, take out CD-ROM drive.

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