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How to connect Brother printer to the Wired Network (For Mac) ?

To verify if your Brother printer is connected to your wired network, simply follow these steps.

NOTE: images shown in troubleshooting for reference may differ from what you have in actual due to different Brother printer or operating system being used by you.


You need to ensure of having a secure connection between the Brother printer and router or access point. If required go ahead and disconnect the cable and reconnect the same on both the router and Brother printer.


  1. Monitor LCD or main screen on your Brother’s machine, there are chances that it may be switched off or may be in sleep mode. Simply press any button and look at the machine and see if it wakes up from sleep mode. If this is not the case, then you need to make sure that the socket in which printer is plugged in should be working fine and all power switches are turned ON.

NOTE: if printer is still not turning on despite of above troubleshooting steps, then you need to troubleshoot hardware issue.

  1. Check if LCD of the printer is displaying any err or messages such as “Paper jam” or Ink/Toner Empty”. We need to address the issue first which is being displayed on LCD, troubleshoot accordingly to resolve the stated issue.

1. Go for printing a Network Configuration List and look for machine’s IP address.
 > Click here to see how to print the Network Configuration List. . If you find the IP address is invalid for your network. Then move to STEP 5 to reset the network card.

Always remember: An invalid IP address would be all zeros, an APIPA address or an infrastructure network, or an address within an incorrect range for your network.
Obtain the computer’s IP Address:

  1. Choose Apple Menu and select System Preferences.
    Apple menu 1
  2. Select Network.
    Mac SystemPreference Network
  3. Note down the IP address in Status and keep is safe for future use.
    Mac Network Wireless

In case you do not get any IP address, this clearly shows that there is a problem with network connection of your computer. In case you are unaware of reconnecting your computer to the network, contact your router manufacturer or network administrator to get assistance regards to network connection of your computer.

  1. Need to look carefully for the mentioned points applicable for your system and Brother printer IP address.
  • The address numbers shown in bold text should both be the same.

PC IP address:        Brother printer IP address:

In case address numbers written in bold text are NOT the same, move to STEP 5 and reset the network card.

  • The number mentioned at the end is different and cannot be same for each device and ranges from 2-254.
  • On your network environment all devices possesses different and unique addresses.
  1. Ping the Brother machine:
    1. On your Mac computer, open the Network Utility.
      (OS X 10.9 or later)
      Choose Go from the Finder bar, Computer => Macintosh HD => System => Library => CoreServices => Applications => Network Utility.(Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.8)
      Click Go from the Finder bar, Applications => Utilities => Network Utility.
    2. Press the PING button at the top of window and type in the IP address of Brother printer in section provided.
      Mac Ping 01EnterIP
    3. Select Send Only _ Pings and change the value to 4.
    4. Press the PING button to the right.
      Mac Ping 02ClickPing

      • Receiving replies from Brother’s printer IP address (refer image as shown below) clearly indicates that a clear communication between computer and Brother printer. Simply close the command window.
        Mac Ping 03PingSuccess
      • If you are not receiving replies from Brother’s printer IP address, it clearly indicates that a clear communication between computer and Brother printer is missing. In order to resolve this problem, take below mentioned action:
        1. In case you are using a wireless computer, you need to make sure that computer and Brother printer must be connected to the same network. In case your computer is connected to a different network other than your printer, then you need to make changes in network connection of your computer. Either get help from your router manufacturer or Network admin for assistance.
        2. Repeat PART 3 after doing any adjustments to the configuration. Continue to STEP 5 to reset the network card, in case you are unable to ping the Brother printer.


    If network card has been reset prior using STEP 5 and in case your computer is still unable to communicate with the Brother printer.

    • You may try using any other network  cable and any other port on the access point.
    • You can also try to communicate from another computer connected to a different  network

    These above-mentioned steps will help you to find out that if there is some problem with your computer. If your printer is very well communicating using any other computers, it indicates that either you need to get in touch with your computer manufacturer or network administrator for resolving this specific problem on your computer.

  2. Conduct a Network Factory Reset.
    1. Reset the network settings to the factory default. Click here to see how to reset the machine back to the factory settings.
    If printing and scanning from other computers on network is possible rather than your computer, you need not to reset the network card, however, need to get assistance from your computer manufacturer or network admin. The reason behind this may be any other software blocking the communication, security programs or software firewalls.
    1. Once your system starts again, you need to wait for a moment till machine and access point create a network connection again. This process may take up to one minute.
    2. Repeat PART 3 to check the computer and Brother machine can communicate each other.

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