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How to Fix For ‘Epson Printer Keeps Going Offline On MAC’ Error ?

There must be many reasons such as improper printer configuration or connection which may results into “Offline” message on Mac devices. Here we have explained in detail how to fix Offline issues for Epson printer on Mac.

Reset Apple MAC “Print Settings” Options:

Internet connectivity may be a major issue which may usually harm your printing system and show your Epson printer as “Offline” on Mac.  To sort this out follow below mentioned steps:

  • Open the menu of “Apple” computer and select “System Preference”.


go to the apple menu image

  • Go to “Printer & Scanner” section.

printer and scanners

  • A new window will appear in front of you, you need to right click on your Epson printer and then select “Reset Printing System”.

reset 300x187 1

  • Type in details for your Mac username and Password as asked to fill in the upcoming pop-up screen.
  • Then choose “OK”.
  • Now you need to wait for some-time till the time printer list is displayed again.
  • Now you need to add Epson printer using + icon.

add printer 1

  • Now you will see that Epson printer will go back “Online”. You can also go for printing a test page.

By Deleting Extra Printer from Mac Device:

It has been observed that “Offline” error on Mac happens when a same printer is installed on multiple times. You need to troubleshoot the below mentioned steps to resolve “Offline” error on Mac.

  • Go to the Apple Menu> System and Preferences> Printer and Scanners.
  • You will be able to see a list of printer options from “Printer and Scanner” section.
  • Before proceeding further, you need to delete any of extra printer by choosing the printer and choosing (-) sign from the bottom left corner of your screen

Remove Printer

  • Now it is time to set up Epson “Idle Printer” as a “Default Printer.”
  • Now, finally the next step is to restart your printer once again. This will result into resolving your “Offline” issue impacting your printer.

We have tried to talk about all the problems which may lead to “Offline” status of Epson. We have also tried to provide resolution of all related problems which one might encounter in Windows or Mac computer. Now next time when you stuck for any mentioned issues in article, this will surely help to give you a definite resolution to resolve your printing problems.

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