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HP Printer offline or not responding Using a Wireless Connection and Mac/Apple PC.

Troubleshoot a ‘printer offline’ status using your Mac.

Use HP smart Diagnose & fix (macOS)

On a Mac running macOS 10.13 or later, to help resolving connection issues, use the Diagnose & Fix feature in the HP Smart app.

1. Go to the HP Smart app. If it is not available, you can download it from HP Smart – Mac App Store, and then follow instructions to add your printer.

2. Click Printers, and then select Diagnose & Fix.

offline issue in mac

3. Press Start, on the Diagnose & Fix screen.

4. You need to wait till analysis finishes. Avoid closing the application as it will interrupt the process.

5. Just review the results carefully on diagnosis screen, and then click Test Print or Done.

Delete and re-add your printer

Once remove your printer from the print queue to clear any errors and the re-add the printer.

1. Hit the Apple icon, press System Preferences, and then press Printers & Scanners, Print and Scan, or Print and Fax.

2. You need to choose the printer which you wish to delete, and then press the Minus symbol at the bottom of the list of printers.

3. Press Delete Printer.

mac printer

4. Press the plus symbol.

5. Choose your printer from the list.

6. Press the Use or Print Using field, choose AirPrint from drop-down, and press Add.

offline issues

Reset the print system (Mac)

To achieve clear any error state by deleting all HP and non-HP printers, pending printing work and printer preferences, resetting the printer is right way to do it.

1. Press the Apple symbol, press System Preferences, and then hit Printers & Scanners, Print and Scan, or Print and Fax.

2. Right click or control+ click anywhere in the printer list, and then tap Reset printing system.

press and confirm

Establish a manual IP connection ( wireless only)

Use data on a Network Configuration Page to set up a manual IP address for your printer, and then use the same information to connect to your Mac.

1.) Go for printing a Network Configuration or Wireless Network Test Result page.

  • Printers having a control panel menu: Quickly print a page from the Wireless, Network Settings, or Setup menu.
  • Printers without control panel menu: Go for printing a page with the help of button combination on the printer control panel.
  • Most of the printers, press the Wireless and information buttons at one particular time, or press the Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons at same time.
  • For HP DeskJet 6000 and 6400, ENVY 6000 and 6400, and Tango printers, press and hold the information button till all control panel buttons light up, and then touch the information and Resume Buttons at the same time.

2.) On the Network Configuration Page, find the Wireless Status, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and URL.

  • Under 802.11 Wireless, the Status must be in connected state

genprint ss checking printer wireless status on network config page

  • Under 802.11 Wireless, search for printer’s IP address, Default Gateway numbers, Subnet Mask. IPv4 and IPv6 number should be the same. If they are different, only use IPv4 numbers.


  • Under General Information, search for URL (s) for Embedded Web Server. Your printer may display more than one URL


3.) Your computer and printer must be connected to same network, open internet browser, enter one of the URLs into address bar, and then Enter to open
      the printer’s EWS. Try using another browser if EWS does not display.
4.) Click the Network or Networking tab in the EWS, open the Wireless menu option , and then press IPv4 configuration.
5.) Choose manual IP, and then enter your printer information.

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